New btclib release

btclib is a python3 type annotated library intended for teaching and demonstration of the elliptic curve cryptography used in Bitcoin, originally developed for the Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology course at University of Milano-Bicocca.

The major focus of this new v2020.4.7 release is the Schnorr implementation to BIP340 proposed standard.

Most notably, the library is now able to accept any representation of private keys as input, with all the WIF/BIP32/bytes/integer conversion auto-magically being taken care of. The same apply to public key BIP32/SEC-bytes/tuple conversion. As usual, whenever bytes are accepted, hex-string or text string are accepted too, as appropriate.

Hopefully this will help introducing new users and devs to the library and existing users/devs to deal with any refactoring.

The library adopts the MIT licence: as such it can be used with no real constraints. We encourage students, researchers, and devs to test it and contribute to its development.

April 6, 2020