Market access

Market access is provided via our brokerage desk or API. CheckSig trades the main crypto assets on multiple exchanges, with extremely low fees.


Brokerage desk

The brokerage desk professional trading services are simpler and safer than any do-it-yourself approach; it is also quicker and cheaper. You decide the order amount and type, the brokerage desk executes the trade.

Efficient execution

CheckSig executes your orders effeciently, according to amount, type, market conditions, and trading fees of the various exchanges.

Flexible order types

Both “market” and “limit” orders are supported, even in “curando” mode or with accumulation plans.

Accurate trade documentation

Each trade settles using the account. In your private website area, you will find detailed accounting documentation: amount, exchange rate, and trading fees.

Maximum security

For trading, CheckSig selects only the most reputable exchanges. Before and after trading, crypto assets are always in our professional custody accounts, ensuring maximum security.

Direct market access

CheckSig also provides direct market access through the API of our proprietary execution platform which:

  • supports all the most liquid and promising crypto assets;
  • consolidates multiple exchanges’ trading books, taking advantage of their depth and structure;
  • performs real-time pricing and execution, to minimize price slippage;
  • automates liquidity management, flawlessly integrating trading and custody.


A full range of services

Market access is just one of the services CheckSig offers to institutional investors and companies. See also:

B2B2C solutions

B2B2C solutions

Thanks to CheckSig, your clients can access the world of crypto assets professionally and safely, with solutions designed for them and chosen by you.

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Professional custody

Professional custody

Maximum security for your company and your clients’ funds. CheckSig has the safest Bitcoin custody, with insurance guarantees and unmatched transparency.

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Access to recognized experts in technology, law, finance, and strategy consulting. CheckSig provides institutional and corporate investors with up-to-date reports and crypto insights.

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