Advisory, brokerage, custody: we take care of your Bitcoins 360-degree

A reliable partner to manage your Bitcoins, with all the services you need in one place and the added value of high level expertise to always make the right choice.

Learning and advisory, buying and selling, safe funds custody, tax implications, generational shift: you can sleep soundly. We take care of everything, keeping your investment safe.


  • One-to-one assistance and 24/7 direct chat with our tech team
  • Video verification for withdrawals
  • Access to the Digital Gold Institute training events, quarterly reports, and exclusive events
  • Smooth assisted inheritance process
  • Insurance guarantees included

Our solutions

Advisory and specialized expertise

A dynamic, innovative and constantly changing sector primarily needs to be profoundly understood. 

With CheckSig you can get free access to the Digital Gold Institute training events and quarterly reports, with in-depth market and regulatory insights. Also at your disposal are our weekly Bitcoin news and our DGI cryptoweek.  

We are qualified, reliable and specialized: with us you can be on the safe side, finally freed of the fear of not understanding anything or not knowing enough.

Brokerage service for purchasing and selling

You decide your investment goals and strategy, we take care of the execution. Just send us your order. We will select the most appropriate exchange, execute your order, and safeguard your Bitcoin in our secure custody. Our team will be in touch with you throughout the entire process.

The benefits of the service: 

  • Detailed reporting of all operations
  • Total traceability and transparency
  • Hassle-free: all you need is your CheckSig account, we’ll take care of the rest

Ultrasafe custody

Keep your Bitcoins secure in our ultrasafe frozen vault. Your long term storage solution, without PINs, passwords or hardware wallets to be stolen or lost.

All deposits and withdrawals are assisted: moreover, we use multi-channel communication and video verification to make sure no one is moving your Bitcoins without your permission. It’s so secure that even financial institutions and other crypto businesses entrust us with their Bitcoin. Today, you too can enjoy the same security.

The custody of your funds, always respecting your will, can also be managed by other executors like a trust company or a fund manager. You can also have a joint account. 

The benefits of the service: 

  • One to one assistance whenever you need it 
  • Insurance coverage by SATEC Underwriting
  • Total security that no one can move your Bitcoins without your permission
  • Unique flexible operational management 

Discover more

Crypto Dossier

Build generational wealth, while making sure you are in full compliance with the law. Bitcoin is new, and it’s not easy to find professionals that really understand it enough to advise you properly.

Luckily we have this sorted out for you: 

  • We build and maintain your Crypto Dossier, the complete documentation of all your operations such as transfers and withdrawals, sales and purchases: a very useful tool for your tax statement 
  • In case you need it, we can also put you in touch with our partners to get tailored crypto tax advisory

Inheritance and generational shift

Get your wealth ready for the next generation, and make sure your successors can access your heritage. We guarantee you a fast execution of your will, while ensuring beneficiaries know how to manage your Bitcoins.



  • A gradual discounting approach
  • Yearly fees applied monthly based on actual funds in custody
  • Payment in Bitcoins, for your convenience and privacy
From €To €Yearly fee (VAT included)
First 500,0000*500,0000.70%
Next 500,000500,0001,000,0000.60%
Next 4,000,0001,000,0005,000,0000.50%
Next 5,000,0005,000,00010,000,0000.40%
Above 10,000,00010,000,000Moon0.30%

* Minimum €20,000 at contract signing

Sorry, at this time we provide custody services for a minumum of 20,000€ in BTC at contract opening

Yearly fee



  • Standard withdrawal within 5 business days
  • In case of immediate need of your funds and if you don’t want to wait for the next time-delayed safe opening of our vault, instant liquidity is also available in one business day for a one-time 1% including VAT fee.


For our brokerage service the fee for each execution order is 0.25% of the total amount, with a minimum fee of € 250 including VAT. 

Crypto Dossier 

The fee for the preparation of the Crypto Dossier amounts to € 250 including VAT for an estimated commitment of 4 hours for the execution of standard requests. 

In case of complex requests that require a higher commitment, the fee will be increased by € 65 including VAT for each additional hour committed.

In the preliminary phase CheckSig will always communicate to you an estimate of the overall commitment, and if the commitment is higher than the standard, it will provide you with all the details of the activities that required the additional commitment.


What do I need to open an account?

Private individuals: a copy of your ID, your tax code, email, and mobile phone number.

Institutional clients: the list of ultimate beneficial owners (UBOs) and authorized delegates with relevant documents for each (articles of incorporation for companies, ID and tax codes for private individuals).

Our support team can then guide you through AML and contract signing.

Is there a minimum contract duration?

No, you are free to withdraw all your funds at any time. Fees are based on the amount in deposit: when no funds are in custody, no fees are due.

How does the deposit process work?

Send us a request and we will reply with a destination address using both email and a fully encrypted chat (WhatsApp, Telegram, or Signal). You can then transfer your Bitcoin to that address, and we’ll send you a formal deposit receipt when the transaction is confirmed.

If needed, our team can also assist you, in person or videoconference, in a simple step-by-step process to send your Bitcoin to our address.

How does the withdrawal process work?

You will be asked to provide a destination address for your Bitcoin, using both an email and a chat such as Signal, Telegram, or WhatsApp. You will also be required to prove your identity with a video call with our support team.

Your Bitcoins will be transferred to the destination address at the next time-delayed safe opening of our vault. The waiting time between withdrawal request and funds availability is a security feature, designed to dramatically reduce risk of fraud.

In case of immediate need of your funds, instant liquidity is also available in a business day at a 1% one-time fee.

Can I pay the custody fee in EUR or USD?

You can, but for your ease and privacy we advise against it.

Paying in Bitcoin is easy, hassle-free, and privacy preserving: CheckSig will simply withhold the funds from your custody amount, no payment will be visible in your current account or credit card statement.

If you do not want to erode your Bitcoin investment, just top it up with some more Bitcoin to cover for the custody fees.

What are the tax implications?

Depending on your jurisdiction, you might need to include your Bitcoin holdings in your tax statement. CheckSig is not a withholding agent and does not provide tax advisory services. We will, however, be happy to introduce you to our network of independent tax advisors with specific crypto know-how. We also simplify the filling out of your tax statement by providing you with a Crypto Dossier. Your Crypto Dossier is the complete documentation of all your operations such as transfers and withdrawals, sales and purchases. We will take care of its compilation and all the calculations ourselves. More details on pricing here.

Apart from Bitcoin, what other digital assets can I deposit?

As of today, we provide custody for Bitcoin only. So far, all our investments, innovation, and effort have been focused on Bitcoin, as it is the only crypto-asset whose protocol allows us to provide you with truly unparalleled security.

What is your fork policy?

CheckSig will do its best to deliver the best value and experience to its customers, but we cannot guarantee that any specific Airdrop or Fork will be supported. CheckSig will decide on a case-by-case basis, depending on many factors, including:

  • Strength and safety of the available technical solutions
  • Market capitalization and liquidity on main global exchanges
  • Compatibility with CheckSig business and service obligations

If something were to happen to CheckSig, are my funds still safe?

Beyond the usual custody process, in case of disaster scenarios robust recovery procedures can rescue all funds. To learn more, read about our custody protocol.

The Bitcoins in our custody are segregated from our company assets: in case of CheckSig bankruptcy, they cannot be claimed by creditors.

Your Bitcoins are safe with us, whatever might happen to us.