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Bitcoin, the digital equivalent of gold, is one of the best performing assets of the last decade. As a new asset, it requires specialized skills to be properly managed.

Furthermore, the crypto world is still a “Wild West”: do-it-yourself solutions are risky. Crime, scams, technological missteps, tax and regulatory issues: it is better to count on a reliable companion for your crypto journey.

Meet CheckSig and its team.


The company

CheckSig origins

It all began with the Digital Gold Institute (DGI), our consulting, training, research and development center on Bitcoin, crypto assets, and blockchain technology.
At DGI, professionals with varied expertise – finance, academia, banking, strategic consulting – came together and found investors needed a reliable Bitcoin and crypto partner.

CheckSig name

OP_CHECKSIG is a Bitcoin Script language instruction, for verifying that signatures authorizing a transaction are valid.
CheckSig defines what we do and why we are here: to safeguard your Bitcoins.



Ferdinando Ametrano

Cofounder, CEO

  • “Bitcoin, Crypto-asset, and Blockchain Technology” adjunct professor in Italian and European universities.
  • Founder and scientific director of the Crypto Asset Lab and the Digital Gold Institute
  • Former Head of Blockchain & Virtual Currencies in Intesa Sanpaolo

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Paolo Mazzocchi

Cofounder, COO

  • Digital Gold Institute CEO
  • Crypto Asset Lab faculty member
  • Formerly, quantitative finance consultant and member of Deloitte’s EMEA Blockchain Lab

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Michele Mandelli

Managing Partner

  • Traditional and digital financial services expert
  • Formerly, Principal at Boston Consulting Group and Director at MonitorDeloitte

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