Safe and transparent custody

CheckSig rejects security-by-obscurity, adopting a public custody protocol: two cold storage levels, three multi-sig authorization stages, time-locked withdrawals, and independent companies involved.


The importance of professional custody

In order to guard your Bitcoins it is necessary to guard the so-called “private keys” as wellone who has them can irreversibly transfer the associated funds; losing them or having them stolen involves the loss of your Bitcoins.

For this reason, the do-it-yourself custody is only recommended for technical users and for small amounts. Furthermore, the user is exposed to fraud and aggression, as well as the risk of not being able to transfer funds to their heirs in the event of an accident.

Even keeping your funds on stock exchanges is unsafe, it would be reasonable only for trading needs. In fact, due to operational needs, exchanges are forced to keep a large part of their funds in remotely accessible “hot wallets”: hacks are likely to occur, even to the detriment of well-known exchanges.

Additionally, stock exchanges typically do not have insurance coverage.
These are problems that both private investors and businesses have to face: just think of the implications in terms of liability, personal security, inheritance and taxation. This is why CheckSig offers a complete custody service, taking full responsibility for the security of funds against external attacks, fraud attempts and physical threats. Not to mention the peace of mind given by insurance guarantees.

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What happens if

You lose your private keys or cannot log in anymore?


Are you convinced by deception or forced by violence to transfer your funds to someone else?

The safest custody protocol in the world

The safety of your funds is of crucial importance. This is why CheckSig has studied and designed a custody protocol capable of providing the safest solution in the world, ensured and certified by independent auditors. The protocol consists of a system with three distinct authorization levels, all with multiple signature (for a total of 11 keys), and two levels of custody disconnected from the internet: the “Frozen” and the “Cold” wallet.

The safest custody protocol

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