When it comes to Bitcoin and crypto, it is not easy to comply with tax authorities. CheckSig provides the right tools to keep you flawless.


CheckSig helps you fully
maintain tax compliance

Depending on your location you may have to include your Bitcoins in your tax return. We will ensure all necessary information is in the right form and available in your report, with full documentation of all your transactions including:

A professional network

If you are not in touch with an experienced Bitcoin accountant, choose from among our network of independent partners to receive personalised tax advice.

Your privacy is guaranteed thanks to our network of top experts, specialised in Bitcoin and crypto asset taxation.



A full range of services

Crypto Tax Report is just one of the services offered by CheckSig to private investors. See also:

Buying and selling

Buying and selling

Buying and selling large amounts of Bitcoin or crypto is complex. CheckSig executes your orders in a safe, efficient, and transparent way.


Custody accounts

Custody accounts

Do-it-yourself custody solutions are risky. Companies, banks, and exchanges entrust their crypto assets to CheckSig: you can enjoy the same peace of mind.




In the crypto world, qualified experts are few and far between. With CheckSig you access training, reporting, and updates from proven specialists.


Open an account

With your account, you have access to all CheckSig services. Great services, at competitive rates.


See the FAQs. For further questions or enquiries, our support is always available.

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