Custody accounts

Do-it-yourself custody solutions are risky. Companies, banks, and exchanges entrust their crypto assets to CheckSig: you can enjoy the same peace of mind.

Professional custody

An ultra-secure vault

A crystal-clear vault

Transparent custody

CheckSig rejects security-by-obscurity, adopting a public custody protocol: two cold storage levels, three multi-sig authorization stages, time-locked withdrawals, and independent companies involved.

Monthly Proof-of-Reserves

CheckSig is the only custodian to provide monthly blockchain Proof-of-Reserves. Since 2020, unmatched transparency has been verifying that all funds are safely under control.

SOC Attestations

CheckSig has received SOC1 / SOC2 Type II attestations from Deloitte; this proves our commitment to the highest operational standards.

Regulatory compliance

Fully committed to be compliant with the evolving regulatory framework, CheckSig KYC / AML / CFT practices are well-recognized.

Insurance coverage

CheckSig is insured by Great Lakes Insurance SE, the specialty underwriter of Munich RE.



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Custody accounts are just one of the services offered by CheckSig to private investors. See also:

Buying and selling

Buying and selling

Buying and selling large amounts of Bitcoin or crypto is complex. CheckSig executes your orders in a safe, efficient, and transparent way.




When it comes to Bitcoin and crypto, it is not easy to comply with tax authorities. CheckSig provides the right tools to keep you flawless.




In the crypto world, qualified experts are few and far between. With CheckSig you access training, reporting, and updates from proven specialists.


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