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Technical full immersion

Two days of high-level professional training on Bitcoin and Blockchain technology.

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Duration: two days

Access: face-to-face in Milan and remotely

Who is it for: no prerequisites are required, the workshop is aimed at everyone. A computer background and some familiarity with algebra and finance could make it easier to use.

Resources: Slides, reference bibliography, open source software and code, links and additional resources for all insights.

Upcoming dates:

  • Upon request


Structure and arguments

Starting from a focused approach on the computation of elliptic curves of finite fields and presenting the discrete logarithm problem as a cornerstone of public key cryptography, the workshop sheds light on the most ingenious and innovative aspects of Bitcoin technology.

Game theory, computer science and monetary theory will be examined and analyzed in an attempt to adequately convey the interdisciplinarity of the subject.

Furthermore, technical and programming notions on digital signatures, blockchain, Merkle tree, addresses, transactions and timestamps are transmitted to the participants to learn how to evaluate the characteristics and limits of the Bitcoin protocol.

The course, lasting two days, takes place through frontal lessons with slides and related bibliography.

There are also tutorials on Python programming and workshops on Bitcoin Core, Electrum and OpenTimestamps.



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