Digital estate planning

If necessary, are you sure that your loved ones will be able to take control of your Bitcoins? Entrust CheckSig with your crypto assets: for you today, for them tomorrow.


Today, by your side

You have chosen to manage your investments responsibly, and transfer your crypto assets to your heirs. The CheckSig account is in your name, so it is already part of your estate. You can indicate an emergency contact (e-mail and telephone number) to be alerted in the event the account is inactive for more than a year and you are not reachable.

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Tomorrow, alongside your loved ones

No fear of lost keys, passwords, or PINs: with CheckSig you can relax and focus on building your investments, for you and your loved ones. When the time comes, your heirs will take over your crypto assets as holders of your account. Furthermore, our network of experts can support you and them on the tax aspects of inheritance and wealth transfer.


Open an account

With your account, you have access to all CheckSig services. Great services, at competitive rates.


See the FAQs. For further questions or enquiries, our support is always available.

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